Our winemaking is focused on small scale hand made production.

The winery is small, with a capacity to produce around 3000L of wine each year. Being off grid means many of the winemaking jobs are untaken by hand.  All the wines are gently pressed over time in a 90L hydropress before by transfered to fermentation vessel by using stainless steel buckets, never pumps. 


winery ready for harvest



The wine is then allowed to ferment naturally over time in a mixture of stainless steel, old oak and plastic vessels. It will then be allowed to rest on the lees where possble over the winter before being blended, bottled or aged further. 





Inputs are minimal, since 2017 the only additive we have used is occasionally a small quantity of sugar at bottling for secondary fermentation. However recently we have used small quantities of local honey as a substitute. We never add any other additions like sulphur, commerical wine yeast or fining agents. All of our wine is unfiltered and unfined.