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Black mountain vineyard

Pet Nat 2022

Pet Nat 2022

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Grown on clay soils with old red sandstone bedrock and an average vine age of 10+ years. This was a beautiful growing season where mature vines flourished in the long hot days of July and August. We reached for our secateurs in September and October to pick ripe, full flavoured grapes from our Solaris and Siegerrebe vines. 

Gently crushed, the juice, the skins, the pips and all were left to ferment in harmony for three weeks. A quick taste, a delicate pressing and into a bottle to rest over the winter. In the spring of ‘23 we woke the bottles up with a shake and into the riddling board. After a few turns, we hand disgorged and bottles were topped up and sealed with a golden crown.

A wine with structure, salinity and warmth. 

  • 10.6% vol
  • 750ml
  • Zero additions
  • Unfined, unfiltered, hand disgorged
  • May contain light sediment
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